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Welcome to RunTriMonk

Endurance Sports and Nutrition Coaching

Meet Your Coach

Lauren Callahan

Lauren Callahan takes the guesswork out of improving your health, running your first ultra or getting back to it, and feeling more energized and motivated than you ever have before.

Lauren is an endurance athlete, ultrarunner, and coach; author of Couch to 50 Miles; and host of the RunTriMonk podcast.  Using her experience as a triathlon coach, health coach, Ixcela pro partner, ultrarunning coach and endurance sports nutrition coach with a specialization in sports psychology, Lauren has developed the holistic and comprehensive Couch to 50 Miles coaching program to help athletes get unstuck, motivated, energized--and to unleash their inner badass.  She knows what it's like to deal with injury, illness, inflammation, stuckness, and otherwise hitting a wall, and loves helping athletes discover what they are capable of.

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What We Offer

Internal fitness gut health testing

Personalized Nutrition recommendations from a registered dietitian for promoting recovery, energy, and wellness

Comprehensive training plan that includes endurance, nutrition, recovery, and mindset training

Weekly calls with your coach for accountability, support, and targeted mindset and emotional balance work

Elite level support to help everyday folks run their first ultra, or get back to the sport they love

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