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Couch to 50 miles

Coaching Program

The RunTriMonk Couch to 50 Miles coaching program is a holistic, comprehensive 3-month jumpstart package to get you on the path to running your first ultra; getting back to the sport you love after injury or hitting a wall; or otherwise getting unstuck, motivated, and energized again.

We operate on the 4 pillars of success:

1. Holistic, gut-health oriented nutrition that promotes energy, recovery, and injury prevention.

2. Simple, effective, individualized, and comprehensive training plan that encompasses all aspects of training, including not only your mileage, but also your nutrition, recovery, mental toughness, and restorative practices.

3.  Mindset and emotional balance to keep you strong in the sport you love.

4.  Elite level support, including weekly calls for accountability, support, and guidance.

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